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29 August 2009 @ 08:52 am
I've been meaning to put this up for some time last week. Not going to type a paragraph of excuses, but people who talk to me on AIM regularly know what's been going on. Yeah speaking of which, I'll still be around on AIM and Skype.


This affects technoroses and higanbanas. lololshitrightwheniputareserveonunitoo.
29 August 2009 @ 10:50 am
Hello everyone, My name is Sashi and I'm brand-new here.

I'm the new Xanxus, so hello!

I know I'm going to have fun here, and hopefully make some new friends.

/waves like a dork
Current Mood: nervous
28 August 2009 @ 09:30 pm
Back from hiatus!~ C:

/one month late AHAHA ;;
28 August 2009 @ 10:03 pm
I know I just brought Len back from his murderous and memory-erasing situation, but sort of need to do this.
I've been sort of stressed out lately, and I won't give you a sob story, just a summary: there's been some family issues and I've had some issues, both health-wise and... other sort of issues, too.

cut for length, and I apologize for the melodramaCollapse )

But... yeah. Stay cool, guys. Don't die.
26 August 2009 @ 09:31 am
I think it's time for Gramps to go home. It was a good, long run, but with starting college and losing momentum with RP, I just haven't been able to contribute the kind of loyalty you guys deserve.

Stay awesome, guys.

- Pin
24 August 2009 @ 02:03 pm
Well hi thar again, TJ. Binni again.

Just announcing that I am dropping Sokka. The poor fellow has no canon-mates and I haven't been terribly active recently, let alone with him. Perhaps I'll bring him back later but I have a shit-load of other things to begin taking care of.

That said, you can bet it's safe to assume I'm not "going the distance" since I'm keeping Iggy, Icy, and Haru here, still. YAY DISSTRACTIIOONNNNNNN And also that I'm looking at apping a certain Disney Princess.... :D;;

But yeah. So, dropping Sokka. Will bring him back later at a tentative date.
23 August 2009 @ 08:11 am
I'm afraid to say that I'm completely speechless after this.

You need to watch it for yourself~

22 August 2009 @ 09:42 am
asdlkjdg hi guys. I'M BACK AFTER FOREVER??

now post some and i will be on those posts like white on rice.
22 August 2009 @ 10:32 am
How are you Toujours. All your shotas are now belong to Luka. You are on the way to destruction. You have no chance to survive make your time. Hahaha.

Told you I'd eventually do it Miki

21 August 2009 @ 10:19 pm
Er… it’s Kazuya. Again. With a 4th character known as Chrome Dokuro from Reborn.

I hope I meet your standards, otherwise, feel free to tell me if I’m doing anything wrong.